Video Editing Project – Multimedia Apps

This is a how-to make chocolate chip cookies video that I made my sophomore year of high school in a class called multimedia applications. I wanted to make this video because I have been told that I have the best cookie recipe. This was a fun project because I made it with my dad. I had him make the cookies so that I could choose exactly what to film. It was also pretty tough because I didn’t know exactly what kind of footage I needed. This meant that I had to make the cookies again so that I could get more footage. I am a busy gal so this was a steep obstacle. In the end I ended up changing the entire vibe of my video because I didn’t like the music I had originally chose. One thing that I am super proud of is my title slides. I knew that I wanted to have a typewriter effect on the text but that was not available on iMovie. In order to get this into my project I had to make an animated slide in keynote and import it into iMovie. This seems like a super simple action, and it is, however I didn’t know if it would actually work. It seemed like a hack that would screw up the rest of my video.

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